Wankelmut / New Single
„Lover You Don’t“

For the third instalment of his eponymous imprint, Fondue Music artist Wankelmut returns with „Lover U Don’t“, his anticipated new single which finds him linking up with LA-based vocalist and producer Charlie Sputnik for a proper anthemic ride. True to the ever silky-smooth bounce and playful breeze of his overall productions, „Lover U Don’t“ blows the winds of buoyant electro-pop and infectious daydreaming in and out of the the club, right on cue for the busy festival season ahead of us. Take a propulsive, garage-infused swing flush with the finest rogue snares and ankle-breaking steps the 90s had on offer, add Charlie Sputnik’s inimitable, suavely high-pitched timbre spilling like honey in your ears, sprinkle with the no-miss, piano stabs-laden hooks and sturdy tides of zippy basswaves – unfurling across the bars to crowd-euphorizing effect, and you pretty much got your champion for 2022’s hit of the summer. Unharness all burdens and dance your heart out, Wankelmut has you covered. 

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