Boozoo Bajou / New Single
„Sparks ft. Steve Spacek“

Fondue Music artists Boozoo Bajou continue their musical journey into downbeat with a brand-new vocal collaboration. For the upcoming summer of 2022 they team up with the iconic Steve Spacek who created musical history in the late 90ies with his legendary group „Spacek”. The new single is called „Sparks” and showcases the excellent vocal skills of Steve Spacek. It’s his own interpretation of the vocal styles inspired by Curtis and Marvin which works so well on the laid-back trademark Boozoo Bajou beats. As always, the production has a huge quality in instrumentation and mix which creates a superb laid-back and chill out vibe for the listener who can travel the soundscapes inspired by such a great voice. Out now on Pilotton. 

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