Fritz Kalkbrenner / New Artist Project

After a good 15 years in the genre of electronic music incl. four German top 10 albums it is time for Fondue Music artist Fritz Kalkbrenner to open a new musical chapter. When he launched his NASUA Imprint label in 2019 he always thought about showcasing the „other” Fritz Kalkbrenner with a different approach to music production. Right from the beginning it was obvious that his former SUOL label mate HRRSN aka Tender Games would be by his side to form this new project called LEAT. Tender Games is well known for his great voice and excellent productions melting Soul Music with contemporary genres. With „Hurting” the first single of LEAT will be released in autumn 2021. Based on a classic soul beat with a certain sample reference „Hurting” has a deep melancholic vibe which opens up with a catchy hornslick for an excellent chorus. All this works too well with the warm and intense voice of Tender Games who delivers his love song lyrics with a really special timbre.

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