Boozoo Bajou / New Album

25 years after their first 12″ Release „Night over Manaus” Fondue Music artists Boozoo Bajou present us their fifth full length studio album. The Nuremberg Downbeat Funkster have 12 tracks ready for release at 3rd Nov. 2023 and they chose „Finistère” as the title for this masterpiece on their own label Pilotton. The double vinyl album alongside the digital release shows the return of Boozoo Bajou to their roots manifested in 2001 with their timeless debut album „Satta”. Again the musical ingredients include Soul, Dub, Jazz, Latin and Blues Vibes played and arranged in classic Boozoo Bajou style. Being strictly downtempo „Finistere” manages to melt all these elements and influences into one warm sounding listening experience based on excellent mixing and mastering by Boozoo Bajou member Peter Heider. Vocals are delivered by Steve Spacek and Jules while Fürsattl and MODALiST participate as Co-Producers.

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